December 19

Count on “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” in Acapella by Rascal Flatts


Here’s a song dedicated to all the folks out there who can’t make it home for Christmas.

Filmed at the Roosevelt Hotel lobby in New York, Gary, Jay, and Joe beautifully sang a masterpiece. Covered by various top-notch artists, Rascal Flatts’ acapella version of”I’ll Be Home for Christmas” will ring in your ears for days.

That tight harmony and perfect blend!These are the ingredients that won Rascal Flatts many fans since their humble beginning in the mid-1990s.

Reception and Chart-Performance

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” appeared in their EP album, “Unwrapped.”  Released on November 23, 2009, the album peaked at #44 on the chart.  AllMusic gave it a 5-star-rating.

The track for today’s feature was also a success in itself. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas entered the Top 50 Country Christmas Songs list as die-hard fans requests for more air plays.

Story Behind the Song

Written from the perspective of soldiers deployed overseas at the heat of WWII, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” could be well said as the Veterans‘ Christmas anthem. Kim Gannon, Walter Kent, and Buck Ram collaborated and put together the lyrics.

Macy’s Store’s initiative to reach out to the families of soldiers who can’t be home for the holidays inspired the content. The initial instruction for Macy’s was to purchase gifts for the families and send them to their addresses. Looking at the list of addresses, Macy’s got a brilliant idea of video-taping messages from the family members. So, on the night of the Christmas show for the troops, they got the big surprise of their lifetime! Tears of joy streamed from their eyes at the simple yet meaningful gesture.

Other Notable Recordings

Bing Crosby first recorded the said track in 1943. The GI Magazine, the soldiers, and their families commended Crosby for the recording. The song became hugely  instrumental in boosting our soldiers’ morale during the war. “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” gave  Crosby his 5th gold record. 

To date, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” has been recorded for more than 700 times by various distinguished artists. Aside from the Rascal Flatts, Home Free Vocal group did an amazing job, as well.


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