March 30

Loretta Lynn Says Beautiful Family Christmas Picture Is Her Whole World


Country legend Loretta Lynn snapped a beautiful family Christmas picture with her children Patsy, Cissy, Peggy, and Ernest. She captioned their photo, saying that family is what matters most, especially in these trying times.

To put all of Loretta Lynn’s children and her husband in one photo, you can see them holding a picture of the family members who passed away, namely Doo, Jack, and Betty. The veteran singer even wrote that she wished that they were still with them.

Christmas has been quieter on their ranch ever since the pandemic happened. She only has her children around and not the whole crew. The Grammy-winner continued on, saying that she’s grateful for the four remaining children she still has despite not having the three around. Her family’s hearts were full of love and memories too, that’s why she remains strong after all these years.

Moreover, she goes on to say that the picture is her whole world. For the ending, Loretta Lynn finishes her message by greeting her followers and prayers for a Christmas full of love, faith, laughter, sweet memories, and family. Her posts received positive feedback from her followers, garnering 1,024 comments and 23,754 likes.

You can see Loretta Lynn’s beautiful family Christmas picture below.


Loretta Lynn

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