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Randy Sings of Unfading Love in “Old 8 x 10”: Album of the Year in 1989

Old 8 x 10 – An Album About Bits and Pieces of Love

Old 8 x 10 by  Randy Travis was his 3rd album released in 1988 which rises on top of the Country chart in 1989. The following year, Old 8×10‘s fame earned Randy Travis awards from the AMA. Travis was named ‘Favorite Country Male Artist’ and the album as ‘Favorite Country Album.’ 

In the same year of its release, Warner Bros. Records have also mass-produced “Old 8×10” in other countries including the UK, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Yugoslavia, and Australia.

 The L.A Times, from their 1988 archive, noted this album of Travis as his “most significant move yet in his climb out of the shadows of icons like George Jones and Merle Haggard.”  Travis has done that, and now he’s become one of the all-time favorites on the stage of Country Music legends.

Chart-Topping Singles from Old 8×10

Having Old 8×10 in possession would make you feel like you’ve invited the country legend as a guest and he’s seated in your living room while playing some songs.  It contained 10 compelling tracks that had  the hits “Honky Tonk Moon”, “Deeper Than the Holler”, “Is It Still Over”, and “Promises.”  All the tracks in the album, however, were nerve-soothing.  When you’re the type that needs to get some work done but having difficulty, the mellow voice of Randy Travis in these songs will set you in motion.

Honky Tonk Moon

Honky Tonk Moon is the lead single from Old 8×10 which ultimately topped the US Hot Country Songs chart & Canadian Country Tracks chart in the same year of the album’s release. This became Travis’ 7th no. 1 song.

This bluesy song written by Dennis O’Rourke brought out the versatility of Travis’ rich baritone voice. Travis proved that his vocals’ not just good for boot-scootin’ honky-tonk sounds, but can also be lustrous as he had impressively demonstrated in this track.

Deeper Than the Holler

“Deeper Than The Holler” gave Travis his 8th no. 1 Country single. Songwriters Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz highlighted the value of pure devotion. Interpreted by Randy Travis, this track brings back dignity to love being a force that should not be underestimated. And if there are “at least a million love songs that people love to sing,”  this one is a must to be included!

Is It Still Over

Far from what this track’s seemingly depressing title, songwriters Larry Henley and Ken Bell wrote lines that are epigrammatic. “Is It Still Over?” typifies the heartsick individuals who just could not be honest about their feelings and end up being miserable in private.

Like “Honky Tonk Moon” and “Deeper than the Holler,” this single also peaked at no. 1 in 1989 on both the US and Canadian Country charts.

“Is It Still Over” was featured in the 2007 adventure film, “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” starring Nicolas Cage.

What’s Up with Randy Travis Now?

Randy Travis, essentially, is vital to the shaping of authentic Country music. Though yet a newcomer in the mid-’80s, he has brought pride to the Country genre when he consistently released hits after hits in the ’90s. After surviving the stroke in 2013, Travis and his wife, Mary, enjoy most of their time living a quiet life in their Texas home ranch.

The first years, of course, was difficult for the couple. Mary remembered the time when they were on their way home and a CD of Randy was playing in the car. Randy, who couldn’t yet speak that time, fiercely signaled for it to stop. It took time before he could listen to his own songs again. It happened with his 1990 chart-topper,  “He Walked on Water.” Mary said that it’s the first time that Randy sat still, teary-eyed,  instead of violently shaking his head.

Randy loves to watch the Food Network and old western films. On some days, they go for walks to the horse stables or eat out in Tioga. Mary said that they plan to move to Nashville and lived in a smaller house with fewer stairs and must be near a hospital. They also want to bring some of the horses from their ranch. It would be another major adjustment, but Mary said they’ll cope.

“..(Randy is) still singing. It’s just a different type of song now.”



Randy Travis

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