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When The Doctors Said “Pull the Plug” to Randy Travis



When The Doctors Said “Pull the Plug” to Randy Travis 1

After he suffered a massive stroke, one of the voices of country music Randy Travis was in a coma. He struggled just to be alive. Sadly, his doctors suggested that his wife, Mary, pull the plug. Because of her love, she refused to give up hope. Her decision saved the country legend’s life.

The Stroke that Nearly Took His Life

On July 7, 2013, Randy Travis was admitted to a hospital. He was flatlined for three and a half minutes. The following day, He was transferred to The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano. He was diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy, where a viral infection causes myocarditis. He was placed on life support.

Mary, Randy Travis’ wife was told that he needed lifesaving surgery. The doctors also told her that he only had a 1 to 2 percent of survival. She told the Tennessean:

“At this point, the 1 to 2 percent chance is 100 percent chance over zero. I prayed hard,

‘God, please let me have him back, any way, shape or form’”.

After the surgery, Randy Travis spent another five and a half months in the hospital, of which six weeks were spent in a coma.

“Life was minute to minute. They said ‘pull the plug, there’s no hope,’” Mary added. However, she thought otherwise. She recalled holding her husband’s hand asking if he was going to continue fighting. And she said that he squeezed her hand back in reply. She shared:

“I knew then he wasn’t ready to quit fighting. I went back and told the doctors, ‘It’s not our choice to decide that … And I suggest that everybody get on board and do everything they can do to save him’”.

When The Doctors Said “Pull the Plug” to Randy Travis 2

Fortunate it was that she said that because he did eventually wake from his coma. Sadly, the stroke took a toll on our beloved Randy Travis. It left him without the ability to talk and to walk. He was no longer able to do simple tasks, but none of that deterred Mary.

The Start of His Journey Getting Better

Randy’s wife and family were by his side to offer support through this challenging time. He spent four hours a day for the next two and a half years in rehab and therapy. And slowly but surely, Randy got better day by day.

When The Doctors Said “Pull the Plug” to Randy Travis 3

Mary says her hope and faith in God are what gave her strength each day, but for Randy, Mary believes it was music.

Fellow musician Dave Alexander started holding music sessions in Randy’s home. In an interview with WFAA, Dave said he played old country songs and then started singing Randy’s songs. Dave said that he can see the music in his eyes, and knew, without a doubt that it reached him.

And it proved true. Even though Randy Travis could not speak properly, he was able to sing the song “Amazing Grace” during his induction into The Country Music Hall of Fame.

Today, Randy and Dave perform shows to raise money for the Randy Travis Foundation, which supports research for cardiomyopathy. Mary said:

“We can still serve a purpose. We just sing a new and different song now”.

Watch the country legend’s story below.




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