January 15

Trace Adkins’ Passionate Performance of “The Wayfaring Stranger”

Without a doubt, “The Wayfaring Stranger” is among the most recorded classic tunes. Numerous artists from various genres had sung the American folk and gospel song which traces its roots back to the early 19th century. Its lyrics had undergone a number of modifications as countless artists performed and recorded it. Despite those variations in the lyrics made, the song’s profound message remains. This is probably one of the reasons why different singers became fascinated with the tune over the decades. Johnny Cash, Emmylou Harris, LeAnn Rimes, and Trace Adkins are among the country artists who performed “The Wayfaring Stranger” and included it on their collection of recordings.

Trade Adkin’s Version

The Louisiana-native who scored at least three No. 1 singles on the chart did a magnificent arrangement of “The Wayfaring Stranger.” The musical instruments are soothing to the ears. Moreover, they made a perfect blending with Adkins’ equally relaxing vocals. The singer and actor first recorded the song in 1997. His version appeared on his second studio album, Big Time, which was released by Capitol Records Nashville that year.

Trace Adkins' Passionate Performance of "The Wayfaring Stranger" 1
Photo credit: Trace Adkins/Official Facebook Page

In 2011, Adkins performed the song in honor of Johnny Cash at the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame. The singer’s live delivery of the song is as superb as its 1997 recording. He did not only make Cash proud but also left the audience wanting for more. If you were there, you can’t help but pay Adkins a standing ovation. With this passionate performance, he certainly raised the bar for fine spiritual songs.

Watch his impressive rendition below.


Taking aside the amazing vocals and musical accompaniment, there’s one more striking thing about Adkins’ performance. And for sure, this will make you admire and respect the singer all the more. He’s singing excellently without a cowboy hat! Keeping in mind that he’s paying tribute to someone, Adkins’ willfully took his cowboy hat off, like any gentleman and real cowboy would. He is among the several country stars who wear a cowboy hat while performing. His likes are Alan Jackson, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, among others.


The Wayfaring Stranger, Trace Adkins

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