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Trace Adkins Plays an Important Role in a Christian Movie

Trace Adkins Plays an Important Role in a Christian Movie 1
I Can Only Imagine (image from upload.wikimedia.org)

Christianity continues to spread its message of faith, hope, love, and forgiveness. The recently released movie “I Can Only Imagine” triumphed on its aim of bringing motivation to the viewers from life challenges. The story is a real-life based story of Bart Millard, the lead singer of the Christian band, Mercy Me. It features the trials and tribulations the singer experienced with his father, Arthur.

The movie emphasized the closeness of God to everyone no matter what happens and wherever one may go. And, God’s love will always lead you to forgiveness and redemption, He will never let you down.

Trace Adkins Plays an Important Role in a Christian Movie 2
Bart Millard (image from www.gannett-cdn.com)

The story line…

The story starts with Bart Millard’s childhood. He came from a home with an abusive father. At the age of 10, Millard was dropped off at a Christian camp by his mother. Things started to radically change when he returned home and found out his mother left him. He was then left under the custody of his father.

While dating Shannon, Millard joined a football team. Unfortunately, he met a serious injury that caused him to stop playing. He signed up for music class and started acting on stage.

One morning, Millard had a confrontation with his father, who was already diagnosed with cancer during that time. Bart voiced his gathered frustrations with his father. During the confrontation, he was assaulted by his dad and smashed a plate over his head. This incident made Bart leave everything including his girlfriend Shannon. He went to seek his fortune in the city after graduation.

A lot of trials went on Millard’s journey including joining the band “Mercy Me,” where he wrote the Christian top selling song, “I Can Only Imagine.” The highlight of the movie was his reconciliation with his father, and later on, reunited with Shannon.

Below is another video of MercyMe’s live rendition of “I Can Only Imagine.”

Trace Adkins on the cast!

The movie was directed by Erwin Brothers. The film stars J. Michael Finley as Bart Millard.

 Trace Adkins takes a special role in the movie. He played the character of Scott Brickell, the manager of the band Mercy Me. He passionately guided his artists along with their journey.

In the trailer, you can see Adkins’ character pushing Millard to write songs based on some of the events that have happened in his life no matter how painful they might be. Thus, Millard came up with the song that changed his career, “I Can Only Imagine.”

Trace Adkins Plays an Important Role in a Christian Movie 3
Trace Adkins (image from Youtube)

Here’s the trailer for the movie. The movie is still selling hot on the market. Grab your copy now!

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