Hallmark Star Jill Wagner Is Expecting Her Second Child With Husband David Lemanowicz


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April 22, 2021


April 22, 2021


April 22, 2021

Hallmark Star Jill Wagner is expecting her second child! The actress shared the exciting news on Instagram. Showing off her bump, she wrote in the caption that another bundle of joy is coming their way and that they are “overwhelmed with love.”

Jill Wagner found out she was pregnant two days before Christmas. She took the test by herself, and she literally dropped down to her knees – laughing and crying at the same time – when she found out she was positive. She waited until Christmas Eve, in time for dinner, to tell the good news to her husband David Lemanowicz – who then thought she was pulling a prank.

Jill further explained that they did not plan the pregnancy, adding that it “certainly was welcome news.” In fact, she was training for a military role in her upcoming Paramount+ series Lioness, wherein she’s also an executive producer.

The North Carolina native, who is due in August, became a first-time mom in April 2020 when she gave birth to her daughter Army Gray. At the same time, she is a stepmom to David’s daughter, Lija – who is also “super excited” to meet her new sibling and is already “the best big sister to Army Gray.”  

Jill revealed that Lija does it all – from changing the diapers, giving bottles to singing to her sister. The proud stepmom said that both her children would be so lucky to have Lija to look up to and help guide them.

Jill and David got married in 2017, but they actually met several years before that. They dated when they were younger and then reconnected a little later in Afghanistan while she was on a USO Tour, and David was deployed with the Air Force. And the rest was history!

The happy couple celebrated their fourth anniversary last April 8.


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