February 9

The Greatest Love Song is With God: “A Heart That Will Never Break Again” by The Easter Brothers

The Easter Brothers prove heaven is true with their song “A Heart That Will Never Break Again.”

Written and released by the three brothers in 2003 as a part of their album “Heaven Bound – The Best Of Blue Grass Gospel,” their song has blessed our ears with its meaningful story with the angelic voices that have accompanied the song. 

The Easter Brothers have become a household name in the bluegrass and gospel music industry. Interestingly, it shows how passion can affect an entire family and have them grow into an iconic trio of brothers with their music and legacy remembered for generations.

Meaning Behind The Song

“A Heart That Will Never Break Again” by the Easter Brothers is a song describing heaven. The place of heaven is where despair and suffering are non-existent. The brothers, in perfect sync and harmony with their vocals complimenting one another, surely give this song a wholesome and angelic vibe, a peaceful song to contemplate a prayer to. The song talks about the joys of heaven and how nothing is impossible in that place. 

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It talks about the miracles the afterlife can provide when you pass, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. The lyrics give off reassurance to the people who are soon and who have passed away that they’d be sent off to a peaceful place with no limitations to experience eternal happiness. It provides a comforting memory to people who have lost a loved one. It is a song that speaks of hope and everlasting peace as the father in the song says his one last goodbye before he departs and rests forever.

Click the video below and take a listen to “A Heart That Will Never Break Again” by The Easter Brothers, a song filled with love to lift your spirits.


Easter Brothers

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