September 20

Hear Skeeter Davis’ Amazing Rendition of “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be”

Even if there is a lot about this mighty home that is being prepared for us that we do not yet know, what God has revealed to us in the Bible ought to arouse a sense of eagerness and longing. And many friends and family members will be waiting for us. However, what matters most is that Jesus will be there, and we will live with Him forever. The song “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” by Skeeter Davis, conveys the beauty of the place where there will never be death again, and the Lamb will be the light.

This hymn was penned by Mrs. A. S. (Cordie) Bridgewater (1873 -1957) and described the grandeur of this eternal home where there will be no more death, and the Lamb will be the light. She was married to A. Samuel Bridgewater, a Tennessee native, was born in North Carolina, The Bridgewaters (Cordie). From 1909 to 1917, they resided close to Hanceville, Alabama, where he farmed and where she is said to have composed the lyrics of “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.”

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When you listen to “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be,” it describes what heaven must be like. According to the song, heaven is a place of love, joy, and tranquility. Furthermore, it informs us that heaven is lit up by God’s presence and guidance, which makes heaven shine brightly.

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In addition, Skeeter Davis, a fellow country music superstar, also performed the hymn. Her soft, lovely voice complements the heavenly melody. Additionally, she sings in a way that draws us closer to God as if every day were church day. It was a fantastic method to praise and glorify the Lord. In the 1967 album Hand in Hand with Jesus, the song “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” was published.

Hear Skeeter Davis’ incredible performance of the gospel song “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be”:


Skeeter Davis

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