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January 20, 2024


January 20, 2024


January 20, 2024

In 2019, the rising country singer Jeremey Parks released his debut album “Roots” with the help of Lee Oskar harmonicas. 

Jeremy Parks‘ journey to making his dream come true was not easy. Parks had been performing in various small gigs before he was even regarded as a rising artist. He had even worked as a voice-over actor for cartoons produced by The Christian Broadcasting Network just to build up his portfolio. 

Over the years, he eventually got to showcase his true potential as a musician, leading to the release of his first studio album, “Roots,” which listeners of any genre have enjoyed. 

About The Album

In his debut album, Parks blended the sound of country and bluegrass into one, making the listening experience quite an adventure. However, despite its popularity among listeners, “Roots” unfortunately didn’t land on any musical charts.

His album consists of four tracks, namely, “Virginia Is Still For Lovers,” “Would You Love Me Back,” “Roots,” and “Buried Treasure.” 

“The Virginia is Still For Lovers” is a song you should check out if you are looking for a tune that will make you reminisce about the time when you were madly in love. But if that is not your type of song, you can check out “Would You Love Me Back,” as it will surely make you question whether your love is being reciprocated the way you deserve. 

“Roots,” on the other hand, is a country song with a bit more upbeat feel, so it is definitely the perfect tune to play on Saturday nights out with friends and family. But if you are looking for a bluegrass feel in your music, listening to “Buried Treasure” is a great option to consider. 

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According to some reviews, Parks’ “Roots” album is like a book that tells various compelling stories. Each song has its unique touch of musical flair, taking any listeners into a nostalgic place. 

In conclusion, Jeremy Parks’ debut album, “Roots,” not only showcases his musical prowess and artistic evolution but also establishes him as a promising and distinctive voice in the contemporary music scene, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his musical journey.


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