March 6

Emotional Dog Cried Over a Loved One’s Grave

Losing someone you love is heartbreaking especially if you have an established relationship with the person. Even animals feel this kind of pain and they grieve over the loss of a loved one. Further, most people think that these animals don’t know what’s happening around them because they are just animals. But they’re wrong they do understand what’s happening around them and sometimes they are sensitive about it. Anyhow, dogs are one of the sweetest and friendliest animals. All you need to do is show them kindness and they will be loyal to you forever. Have you ever heard of the dog named Wiley? Mind you, he is not just a dog because he is special. He was caught on tape crying over his grandmother’s handlers gravestone. Maybe when the old woman is still alive, they had that special bond don’t you think?

emotional dog, rescue dog, veterans of war
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This Emotional Dog Crying Over a Loved One

For centuries, dogs are regarded as man’s best friends because of their loyalty. In line with this, Wiley, who is a service dog stormed the internet with his emotional crying at his friend’s gravestone. In addition, this dog is a member of the Warriors and Wolves that help veterans of war to have normal lives. Maybe this is the reason why Wiley was so attached to his human friend. Dogs are very emotional and they can feel sorrow and pain. This service dog is one of a kind because he did not treat his grandmother’s handler as a patient but as a family.

emotional dog, rescue dog, veterans of war
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One of A Kind Pet

The video of Wiley crying over his human friend went viral. Moreover, this emotional dog gained over nine million views and several comments. It’s nice that the viewers were able to sympathize with him. This only shows that even animals are unique.


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