January 12

Morgan Wallen’s Breakup Song ‘Whiskey Glasses’ Breaks Nothing but Charts

Without a doubt, Morgan Wallen’s song “Whiskey Glasses” is among his most successful ones. The song’s quick and genuine nature causes listeners genuinely like listening to it. Songs about breakups are created to shatter a broken heart further. However, this particular breakup song didn’t only shatter hearts; it also broke records thanks to how well-charted it is in several music charts.

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The song debuted in 2018 as a track from Morgan Wallen’s album ‘If I Know Me.’ Its creation was a joint effort between two talented songwriters, Kevin Kadish and Ben Burgess. After dominating the Hot Country Songs chart, this breakup song topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart. And if you think it ends there, the RIAA also awarded the song a 3 Platinum certification. Aside from the American market, where it received much attention, it also performed well on the charts in other countries, including Canada.

Bad breakup is a popular topic in country music, but Wallen’s song took it on a cheerful melody, making it one of the most distinctive tunes ever released. But, if you want to grasp the song’s deeper meaning, scroll down since we’ve got the answer for you.

Meaning Behind the Song

The song is about a man who uses some good old whiskey to ease the agony of a recently shattered heart. He is experiencing such internal conflict that he wants to become so drunk that he forgets about his ex. It appears like the entire affair has robbed him of his joy. And his mind is haunted by notions such as his ex being with someone else.

The whiskey flavor helps this ache to lessen until it eventually goes away. The song portrays a broken sensation in the brightest and most positive way possible, making it memorable and distinct to most listeners. But, we also need to pay attention to the lyrics’ artistic merit, the reason the song elevates to greatness.

Because of this, you should listen to “Whiskey Glasses” by Morgan Wallen. If you want to hear an excellent breakup anthem for your wounded heart. The music is available below.


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