July 9

The Real Story Behind Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Divorce


A lot of stories have swirled the media when it comes to the real story of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s breakup. Did Blake Shelton commit adultery? Was Miranda Lambert the one who gave up on their marriage? These questions will more or less be answered and it is for you to decide which story you think is right.

blake shelton, miranda lambert
Taken from Blake Shelton’s official Facebook page

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s Marriage

Many country fans were delighted when these two finally tied the knot. These country icons are both successful in their own careers. They were considered as a power couple because of the influence that they each have. That is why the country music community was saddened by the news about their divorce.

People were quick to join in on the conversation about what really went down. Sources told some gossip sites that it all started when Blake was chosen to be a judge at The Voice. This put a question mark on their busy schedule since both have to work on different states. The source also added that it was only Miranda who was trying to fly in from Oklahoma to LA and Blake was not doing anything.

blake shelton, miranda lambert
Image from Miranda Lambert’s official Facebook page

Blake Shelton’s Lack of Effort

A lot of people were fast to assume that it was all Blake Shelton’s fault that their marriage fell apart. When they got a divorce, the male singer immediately jumped into a relationship with his co-judge, Gwen Stefani. In an interview, the singer also admitted that the rumor about Miranda flying in from Oklahoma to LA to see him was true.

blake shelton, miranda lambert
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton (www.usmagazine.com)

He justified it by saying that because he was the older one in the relationship, he gets easily tired through all the flights. This really put a strain on their marriage since Miranda felt like he was not as invested as her. Rumors about Miranda cheating on Blake with country singer Chris Young was also brought up. Chris vehemently denied it but Blake Shelton believed otherwise. All their issues made it seem that this couple was not in sync anymore so they decided to call it quits.

No matter what the case may be, they are now both happily in love with different people.

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Blake Shelton, divorce, Miranda Lambert

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