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The Many Certifications of the 15 Best Morgan Wallen Songs

American pop-country music singer-songwriter Morgan Wallen stood strong despite the controversies and allegations.  

Wallen was a competitor in the sixth season of The Voice. He was initially part of Usher’s team but later became a member of Adam Levine’s team. Unfortunately, he was eliminated early in the playoffs.

Most Morgan Wallen songs were certified gold or platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Some of Wallen’s songs also topped the US country music charts and those of other countries.

Wallen has two studio albums If I Know Me and Dangerous: The Double Album. Both albums were certified quadruple-platinum by the RIAA and snatched the #1 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Albums. If I Know Me has been on the chart for over 236 weeks since its release. His second studio album, Dangerous: The Double Album, stayed at the top for 86 weeks.

To know more about other RIAA certifications of Morgan Wallen songs, read on our list and be amazed by Wallen’s sheer talent!

1. The Way I Talk

Co-written by Ben Hayslip, Jesse Alexander, and Chase McGill, “The Way I Talk” was Morgan Wallen’s debut song in September 2016. It was certified double-platinum by the RIAA and gold by Music Canada.

Morgan felt a strong connection with the song; thus, he decided to record it. The track combines country and rock music elements, eliciting positive responses from the listeners and music reviewers.

2. Whiskey Glasses

Released in July 2018, “Whiskey Glasses” is the third single from Wallen’s album If I Know Me. The songwriters of the piece are Kevin Kadish and Ben Burgess. RIAA certified the track as triple-platinum on May 2020.

Burgess came up with the idea of writing whiskey glasses because he said he needed some not to see and think about the truth. The song’s theme is about drinking because of a horrible breakup.

3. Wasted On You

“Wasted on You,” Wallen’s fourth hit single, was released on March 2022 on country radios. The song had topped the US Billboard Hot Country Songs when the album Dangerous: The Double Album was released.

The song had a triple-platinum certification from the RIAA and platinum from Music Canada.

4. Up Down

“Up Down,” certified platinum by the RIAA, is a November 2017 release by Wallen that HARDY, CJ Solar, and Brad Clawson wrote. The song features the fantastic vocals of Florida Georgia Line. 

Wallen was supposed to record the song independently, but he contacted Florida Georgia Line and asked their opinion on the track. Instead of giving Wallen a statement, the boys lent their vocals to the song.

5. You Proof

Released in honor of his 29th birthday, “You Proof” was recorded by Wallen with the theme of drinking to forget his lover.

The song debuted at the #1 spot on the country music charts and was certified gold by the RIAA and double-platinum by Music Canada.

6. More Than My Hometown

“More Than My Hometown” by Wallen talks about love and letting go to follow his dreams and move to a bigger city.

The song peaked at the #2 spot on the hot country charts and was certified quadruple-platinum by the RIAA.

7. Thought You Should Know

Released in May 2022, “Thought You Should Know” is Wallen’s tribute to his mother. The lyrics are about him changing himself and his personality to attribute them to his mother.

The track debuted on the #1 spot on the country charts and was given a gold certification by the RIAA. 

8. 7 Summers

Singing about lost love and reminiscing about their romance, “7 Summers” was released by Wallen in August 2020.

The song received positive feedback from critics and was certified triple-platinum by the RIAA.

9. Sand In My Boots

In August 2021, Wallen released “Sand In My Boots” as part of his second studio album. RIAA gave the song a double-platinum certification.

The song, written by HARDY, Ashley Gorley, and Josh Osborne, talks about a sad cowboy contemplating the girl he went drinking with as the one.

10. Chasin’ You

Written by Wallen, Craig Wiseman, and Jamie Moore, “Chasin’ You” is the fourth single from his debut album.

“Chasin’ You” peaked at the 2nd spot on the hot country songs chart. The RIAA certified the song platinum on June 2020.

11. Livin’ the Dream

“Livin’ the Dream,” as the name suggests, is about living life as a musician, Wallen’s life in particular. The song is platinum-certified by the RIAA.

Critics said that the song gave everyone a new perspective on the lifestyle of celebrities and singers.

12. Cover Me Up

Initially recorded by Jason Isbell, Morgan Wallen released his version of the beautiful love song “Cover Me Up” in his second studio album.

Isbell approved of Wallen’s cover, and the rendition was certified platinum by both the RIAA and Music Canada.

13. Still Goin’ Down

Released in November 2020, “Still Goin’ Down” is about all the partying on Friday nights and the singing, drinking, and bonding around the bonfire. The song was considered by Wallen a love song for the country he grew up in.

RIAA gave the song a platinum certification for having a million sales.

14. Somebody’s Problem

“Somebody’s Problem” is about a new relationship while the other ends. The double-platinum song talks about how the girl slipped through her ex’s hands, and maybe she’s someone else’s goodbye, best or worst night.

15. This Bar

“This Bar” is inspired by Wallen’s memories and good times with his friends. Even though they had good and bad times, he will still treasure those moments.

The song peaked at the #29 spot on the Hot Country Songs chart.

And that’s it for the 15 best Morgan Wallen songs! We hope you enjoyed our list of Wallen’s gold-slash-platinum certified songs.

Stay tuned for more of these.


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