March 10

Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” Smashes Charts with A Bad Breakup

Snappy and authentic, that’s how we can genuinely describe Morgan Wallen’s smashing hit “Whiskey Glasses.” A country music genius dealing with the singer is a bad breakup that leaves listeners putting it on loop.

The opening line, “poor me,” changed to “pour me another drink,” are word-plays that capture attention because of the clever twist. Those words are the metaphor of Morgan Wallen‘s single. “Whiskey Glasses” is one of 2018’s most unexpected hits written by Kevin Kadish and Ben Burgess. It’s the country superstar’s third single in the studio album If I Know Me.

Moreover, this breakup anthem song happily earned 125 million streams on Spotify, making it certified platinum in Canada and United States. “Whiskey Glasses” becomes the second No. 1 hit of the 26-year-old Wallen. It’s a rarity in a music genre to quickly climb its way up at the top of the chart. It topped for three weeks in the country radio charts in the summer of 2018.

Bad breakup is a common theme of country music, but Wallen’s hit took it on a happy melody. According to the singer himself, it’s a double entendre that is one of the things that drew him to a recording. Also, the killer’s first verse struck him and immediately swept him right off the top.

A mental image in the chorus embraces the image of a person going through a breakup with his friends. Wallen even shared how he also relates to the bad breakup on the “Whiskey Glasses” a couple of times in his life. The second verse supports this as he apparently reached a goal to get booze and beg the bartender for another drink.

All in all, Morgan Wallen’s “Whiskey Glasses” is a breakthrough song that peaked at the No. 1 position in the weekly charts. Billboard‘s Canada Country, US Country Airplay, and US Hot Country Songs of 2018 embraces the hit single. It’s a uniquely different crazy and wild but fun breakup song you’ll love to listen to any day.

Check it out here.


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