August 17

“How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” as Sung by Hee Haw Gospel Quartet

The Bible is the only thing we have that clearly tells us what heaven really is. Further, everything that we need to know about heaven is revealed in the Scripture. However, trying to think and understand about this realm is almost impossible. In addition, problems further arise as the Bible (with its different versions) are interpreted in different ways.

"How Beautiful Heaven Must Be" as Sung by Hee Haw Gospel Quartet 1
Hee Haw Gospel Quartet |Photo Credits: Pinterest

Meanwhile, there are various country songs that talk about this topic. One great example is the gospel hymn “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be.” It has been rendered by many other artists, especially country music singers. One of the most notable versions is the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet‘s cover.

In one of the episodes of the Hee Haw Show, the quartet sang the hymn full of joy and emotions. Indeed, the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet sure made the hymn extraordinary as they praised the Lord with their melodic voices, a sound no one could not resist.

Here are the first two stanzas of the song:

We read of a place that’s called heaven,
It’s made for the pure and the free;
These truths in God’s Word He hath given,
How beautiful heaven must be.

How beautiful heaven must be,
Sweet home of the happy and free;
Fair haven of rest for the weary,
How beautiful heaven must be.

WATCH the Hee Haw Gospel Quartet sing “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” at the Hee Haw Show:

When you listen to the tune, “How Beautiful Heaven Must Be” speaks of the description of how heaven looks like. The song describes heaven as a place where there is love, happiness, and peace. Moreover, it tells us that heaven shines brightly because God is there lighting up the heavens with His guidance and presence.

On the other hand,How Beautiful Heaven Must Be was conceived by Cordie Bridgewater and was published in 68 hymnals. It was actually covered by the late George Jones for his 58th album, The GospelCollection released in 2003. To note, it placed no. 19 and no. 9 on the Billboard Top Country Albums and Billboard Top Christian Albums, respectively.

Moreover, the said hymn was also given a rendition by fellow country music star Skeeter Davis. Her sweet and mellow voice suits the melody set on a heavenly tune. In addition, she sings in a way that we are led to God as if it were church day every day. What a way to praise and glorify the Lord!

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