July 5

An Adorable Little Cowboy Sings George Strait’s “Heartland”

There is no denying that watching a kid playing around or impersonating their idol is fun to watch. It brings out their creativity and they’re adorable at the same time. Most kids nowadays are not creative enough to imagine a beautiful world in their heads. They often watch TV or surf the internet, but let’s not lose hope because there are still some kids who know how to have fun.

george strait kid singing cowboy dusty pure country heartland
Little Cowboy singing a George Strait song. Photo from YouTube

Little Cowboy Sings a George Strait Song

A little cowboy sings his heart out with a classic George Strait song from the movie Pure Country.

Check out his video below.

Look how adorable he is! The video garnered only 100,000 views, and a few comments. It’s a little bit sad that some comments were harsh and unkind, saying the kid is a retard for pretending to sing. Let’s just set whatever opinions we have aside and just enjoy watching the lovely little cowboy.

Jackson Wanting to be an Artist

Little is known about this young singing cowboy. In his YouTube account, which is probably run by his father, there are some videos of the boy, and it was mentioned that his name was Jackson, Jack in short. You can see him playfully strumming his guitar with no chords at all, and him singing his heart out. Watch out folks, he might be a future country singer!

George Strait’s “Heartland”

The adorable cowboy also featured “Heartland,” a song performed by Dusty (Strait’s character in the movie). This 1993 classic hit the top of the US and Canadian charts. It is one of the tracks on the Pure Country album to score a spot on the chart. If you haven’t heard of it, here you have it.

Or better yet, why not watch the classic movie. You’re surely gonna love it, we guarantee. It’s highly recommended for country fans.

Here’s the trailer of the movie.


George Strait

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