October 25

Little Girl Performs “Coat of Many Colors,” Backed Up by Dad

Most of the time, fans and artists alike have rendered their versions of their favorite artists’ songs. One song, in particular, Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” has been covered by a number of artists and we couldn’t deny the fact that they were all fantastic. However, we cannot contain our emotions when one young fan at five years old did an amazing rendition of the song. It might be one of the cutest things you’ll see now on the internet with her dad backing her up.

The little girl’s name is Libby Thacker, who fell in love with the world of Dolly and her music. At just the age of five, Libby performs the country music icon’s songs with the help of her father playing backup guitar. Admittedly, she pointed out that of all Dolly’s songs, “Coat of Many Colors” is her favorite. And, even the fingers in our hands could not count how many times she has already sung the song.

If you cannot wait to watch the video, here is the mesmerizing duet of the father-daughter Thacker below:

Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors”

Released in October 1971, “Coat of Many Colors” is the second single as well as the title track from her album of the same name. On many occasions, the song has been described as Dolly Parton’s favorite song she has written. After its release, fans quickly got hooked with the song. However, the song did not reach the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart as it only clinched the fourth spot.

Furthermore, a lot of fans have expressed their love with the song as it taught us to be appreciative of the crucial things in life. Indeed, Dolly Parton once again touched the hearts of many with her song. This reason is why many people have loved the country legend then and now.

Check out Dolly Parton’s original version of “Coat of Many Colors:”



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