October 19

Rhonda Vincent’s “When The Angels Sing” Is a Perfect Reminder of How Blessed We Are

Rhonda Vincent’s song “When The Angels Sing,” tells us a story of how the angels above sing with every blessing that the Lord gives us. The award-winning bluegrass singer released the song in 2001 under the album The Storm Still Rages, and it has since reminded us of the wonderful glory of God.

In a live performance with her band The Rage, Rhonda Vincent gives a stunning song number while playing the mandolin. In the beginning of the song, she sings of all the wonderful things that God has given us – the gift of life, blooming flowers in spring – and how the angels up above sing in celebration of it. It’s quite a nice reminder of how blessed we actually are, despite the problems that we sometimes face.

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The song continues with what appears to be a description of going towards heaven to “where the angels sing.” It features another gentle reminder to fully trust the Lord and remember the promise that He gave. And while the promise was not specified, it’s safe to say that in the context of the song and the lyrics, “the promise” that it pertains to is the eternal life and happiness that comes when we believe in Jesus, as stated in John 3:16.

All in all, “When The Angels Sing” teaches us about the glory of God. The song is a good reminder of how the Lord continues to bless us from birth to death to eternal life, and how the angels have always been celebrating it. It also perfectly depicts Luke 2:13-14.

There are not that many Rhonda Vincent songs with a similar topic, but that sure makes “When The Angels Sing” stand out among the others. Watch Vincent’s live performance of “When The Angels Sing” along with her band, The Rage, in the video linked below. 


Rhonda Vincent

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