December 13

Hank Williams Jr.’s Accident That Almost Cost Him His Face

Hank Williams Jr., sometimes known as Bocephus, is a singer-songwriter and musician from the United States. He is the son of Hank Williams, also a known country musician. Williams began his career following in his legendary father’s footsteps, covering his father’s songs and emulating his father’s style.

His career in the music industry was smooth sailing. However, his life was turned upside down one day while on vacation with one of his pals, Dick Willey. Williams was ascending Montana’s icy Ajax Peak when he stumbled and plunged 500 feet.

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He suffered significant injuries after striking his face on the ground. His eyeballs even escaped from his eyes. Thankfully, his friend was able to seek help promptly, and a helicopter was able to rescue him in time. As a result, his injuries were treated as quickly as possible.

As time passes, some physicians claim that he will never be able to sing again since he has suffered so many injuries to his body and even worse ones to his face, making it impossible for anybody to believe that he would ever return to normal.

Despite this, Hank Williams Jr. was so committed to his craft that he planned to have many operations merely to be able to conceal the traumatic scars of the incident. He was still able to play in front of an audience years later, and he even put out additional music for his fans to listen to.

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Though he now covers his scars from his trauma with sunglasses and a long beard, the scars from his past have still had an influence on his distinctive look today.

Hank Williams Jr.’s tragic accident only demonstrates that nothing can really derail you if you are truly passionate about something. If you believe in yourself, everything will be fine, even if you went through a deadly accident that may cost you your face.


Hank Williams Jr.

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