June 28

Here Are Some Facts About Rhonda Vincent, The Undisputed Queen Of Bluegrass Music

Since the 1970s, Rhonda Vincent has been a force of nature in the bluegrass community, where she introduced her own distinct style and made things even more iconic. 

Indeed, she’s gone a long way from being a small-town girl. So, if you want to get to know more about her, then make sure to read these facts.

1. She’s a native of Kirksville, Missouri. 

Born Rhonda Lea Vincent on July 13, 1962, the country singer was a fifth-generation musician whose musical career began at the age of five. Vincent sang gospel songs with her family’s band called Sally Mountain Show. 

2. She can play any stringed instrument. 

During her sixth birthday, Vincent received her first instrument from her father – a snare drum. Eventually, she added mandolin, banjo, and fiddle to her list of instruments. She recalled her grandfather coming over to their home after school, and then they would play until after dinner almost every night.

3. She has two brothers. 

Vincent is the oldest among three children. She has two brothers: Darrin and Brian. Darin is a member of the award-winning bluegrass group Dailey & Vincent. Meanwhile, Brian is currently a top executive of the leading global manufacturer, Bimeda Corporation. The three of them have traveled and performed extensively with the family in the 1970 and early 1980s.

4. She majored in accounting. 

Following high school, Vincent went to Northeast Missouri State University, majoring in accounting.

5. She’s a mother of two. 

On Christmas Eve in 1983, Vincent married Herb Sandker, whom she had met while playing the fiddle in his dance band. They are proud parents to daughters Sally and Tensel, who also performed with their mother. What’s even more interesting is that Sally has married Vincent’s fiddle player while Tensel married her mother’s dobro player. The two have also started their own group with their husbands.

6. She hosts the annual bluegrass festival. 

Together with her family, Vincent hosts the Sally Mountain Bluegrass Festival – which is traditionally held around the fourth of July. They launched the festival in 1986, just near their home in Kirksville. However, the site has now been listed for sale.

7. She’s a Grand Ole Opry member. 

In 2021, Vincent fulfilled a lifelong dream when she was officially inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Finally, the countless years she had spent building a career for herself had finally paid off.

To celebrate her status as a brand-new member of the Grand Ole Opry, she released the album Music Is What I See, that’s filled with Rhonda Vincent songs honoring the traditions of classic bluegrass. Truly, she’s showing no signs of slowing down.


Rhonda Vincent

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