March 21

Hipsters React to 90’s Country Music Videos and Country Fans are Mad

Hipsters are known to have a different taste when it comes to everything these days. So when a Youtube channel decided to ask for the reaction of Hipsters to 90’s country music videos, country fans had a lot to say to the well-loved genre and some things were said.

Screen grab from RareCountry Youtube Channel

Hipster, a General Description

What is a Hipster? Well basically, they are the people who follow the trend and you can easily identify them through their unique style of clothing and manner of speaking. In terms of their music, they are mostly known to like indie, alternative music, and genres such as chill-out, folk, modern rock, pop rock, and post-Britpop.

What Hipsters Have to Say

The video is about 6 minutes and 24 seconds long and it features country songs like ‘This Kiss’ by Faith Hill, ‘Strawberry Wine’ by Deana Carter, Alan Jackson’s hit song ‘Chattahooche’ and Blake Shelton’s ‘Some Beach.’ The hipster’s reactions had a mixed opinion in general. Some talked about the looks of the musicians while the other hipsters commented on the “cheesiness’ of 90’s music videos.

One Hipster commented“Ohh this is so cheesy” in reaction to Faith Hill’s music video.

Another one commented: And in the span of like 5 seconds, I’ve seen 5 of the worst shirts I’ve ever seen, reacting on Blake’s music video.

Though most of the comments are about the music video styling and editing and not the music, people are still mad.

The Feedback

The video was uploaded by a Youtube channel that focuses on all news about country music, back in 2017 and it has garnered 60 comments from their viewers. Let us have a look at some of these:

“Country forever, these people are a bunch of hippies”

“ Nothing like a video exposing douchebags”

“ The way they make fun of these singers pisses me off”

It is safe to say that they are not liking what these hipsters have to say about ’90s country music videos. It is also important to take note that what hipsters like in their music is almost the exact opposite of country so they may be forgiven for their lack of enthusiasm while watching the videos. Plus, some of them really liked the songs, just not the ‘cheesy’ music video.

But as a country fan for a long time, it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth when you hear someone comment on something that gives you nostalgia. Whatever the case may be, it is interesting to always hear the opinions of people who are not a country music fan. I just hope that after watching the video, they do their research. After all, we live in a technological world where all information is just a click away.

Watch the full video here:


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