January 29

Our Kind of Country Scars On This Guitar: JON BON JOVI


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Really now… Jon Bon Jovi, A COUNTRY ARTIST?!?

Yep, and an underrated one at that!

Just like Bret Michaels and his band, Poison. It just so happened that—in order to break on through The SceneBon Jovi had to go through them “Hair Days”.

Heck (sometimes), “A Man’s got to do what A Man’s Gotta Do,” y’now.

Uhuh, they may have that rockin’ texture of sound goin’ on but yes—Jon and his band, BON JOVI—IS COUNTRY!

“The colorful and the ugly, the beautiful and the silly.”

Which now brings us to this beautifully crafted song, Scars On This Guitar. A song that every touring musician—country or not—could relate to, especially those who have family back home. A song, that tells them On-The-Road-Stories. Truthfully expressing the thoughts and sentiments and struggles of each and every travelling musician… The colorful and the ugly, the beautiful and the silly.

Kind of reminds you of Life, huh?

“Country Music IS LIFE and God must be a Country Boy at heart.”

Check this EQUATION out:

“Country Music sings of Life and Music (as they say) is Life.” Therefore, “Country Music IS LIFE and God must be a Country Boy at heart.” Heh… Heh… Heh… Works for me!

“…Kenny Rogers’ She Believes In Me.”

Scars On The Guitar—I personally is—is kind of close to the likes of Kenny Rogers’ She Believes In Me. With all the respect due, just kind of…

“…loving, supportive and understanding.”

There, oftentimes, is A Woman involved in these sonatas. A wife, girlfriend and/or partner back at home who is loving, supportive and understanding.

I guess, it is just the right to give a listen and look-see to Scars On This Guitar for your enjoyment and pleasure…

This, again, has been Our Kind of Country…




jon bon jovi, scars on this guitar

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