January 12

Remember Red Sovine’s “Roses for Mama? “

                        “To be loved by children is to be loved for real.”

That’s the impact “Roses for Mama” earnestly exudes. And if you’re one to always forget or ignore your Mama’s birthday, this song is a must hear.


A song narration about a carefree man who learned a valuable lesson on the day of his mama’s birthday.

He thought it nice to ship some flowers for her, so off he went to the florist’s shop. There, he met a boy saddened because he could not afford to buy roses for his deceased mom. This young heart further recounted how his mama loved roses.

He is five years old. Hence, he wanted to give her the same number.

Touched by the boy’s steadfast love, the man asked the florist to give the boy his roses. Overjoyed, the lad almost forgot to thank his benefactor as he ecstatically headed out.

Delighted and inspired, the man was congratulating himself for being a doting son with the flower delivery gesture. His bubble got busted again when while driving, he caught eye of the boy kneeling on a grave site. He pulled over to have a check. Proudly, the laddie happily presented where his mom’s body was laid.

That encounter caused a change of heart in the man. He went back to the florist and decided to personally deliver his mom’s dozen roses.

“Roses for Mama” by Red Sovine

                               “Did that pull your heartstrings? Mine, too. 

It makes us ponder how far we have become lax in our expressions of affection. Adapting modernism, we seem to have forgotten that nothing beats visible presence around our dear ones. It feels more real and you could not fake sincerity.

Come Mother’s Day, Birthdays, or any special day to honor your mom, leave the virtual world. Fly or drive home to your parent’s house, instead. What’s a little sacrifice of time if it means the furtherance of your relationship?


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