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“Tulsa Time:” Sheryl Crow and Eric Clapton’s Rendition

“Tulsa Time” By Don Williams

Don Williams earned his eighth No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with his song “Tulsa Time.” Danny Flowers, a guitarist, wrote the song for Williams. In 1978, Williams released his single “Tulsa Time.” His song became part of his album Expressions.

The Song’s Content

“Tulsa Time” speaks about a man who wanted to prove to others that he is not what they think he is. Therefore, he moved to a big city. Living in the city is tough, and he did not achieve what he was hoping for. Thus, he is thinking of returning home where everything is simple. He thinks of his life in Tulsa where he does not need to rush everything he does.

Different Covers

Don Williams’ song has been covered by various artists such as Eric Clapton, Reba McEntire, and Brothers Osborne. Eric Clapton recorded Williams’ song in 1978 as part of his Backless album. His rendition of the song did not make it to the Billboard charts. In 1980, Clapton released his live album, Just One Night. In his album, he included a live recording of “Tulsa Time,” and this time around, his song entered the Billboard chart. Clapton’s live rendition of “Tulsa Time” reached No. 30 on the Billboard chart.

Crossroads Guitar Festival

In 2007, Eric Clapton held his Crossroads Guitar Festival at the Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois. Guest performers of the show were John Mayer, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Alisson Krauss and Union Stations, Eric Clapton himself and many more. Crossroads Guitar Festival is a music festival organized by Eric Clapton. This festival’s purpose is to benefit the Crossroad Center. Crossroads Guitar Festival began in 1999, and the last time it was held was in 2013.

Sheryl Crow and Eric Clapton

In the 2007 show, Sheryl Crow was playing the guitar and singing “Tulsa Time.” She was joined on stage by Clapton. The two sang together on the chorus part of the song. On stage too, were Vince Gill and Albert Lee. Both of them were playing the guitar.


Eric Clapton, sheryl crow

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