August 3

Loretta Lynn Remembers Her Son Jack And Daughter Betty Sue In Their Death Anniversaries

They say that no parent should ever have to endure the pain of burying their child – but country legend Loretta Lynn has buried two. “There’s no pain like it,” she said.

While it’s been thirty-eight years since her eldest son, Jack Benny Lynn passed away at the age of 34 on July 22, 1984 – for Lynn, it has just been yesterday. Jack, who was an excellent horse trainer and blacksmith, tragically died when he drowned while crossing Duck River.

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Lynn dedicated a blog post to remember Jack, whom she said she misses terribly. She even revealed what most people don’t know, and that’s she started singing “You Were Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson after the death of her beloved son. Lynn said it’s her way of telling Jack that she has never stopped thinking of him, not even a single day. 

“He’s been gone longer now than we had him. I still love him more than ever,” Lynn wrote. “Thirty eight years can’t lessen a momma’s love. I miss you, Jack Benny.”

Remembering The One Who Made Her A Mother

Eight days later, Loretta Lynn returned to her blog to pen a sweet tribute for her eldest child, Betty Sue Lynn – who died from complications of emphysema on July 29, 2013. She was 63.

Lynn was only sixteen when she gave birth to Betty and became a first-time mom. Betty then grew up to be her partner in all things that she did – from work on the ranch to entertaining. Indeed, she has become more than a daughter to Lynn but a best friend as well.

“She’s been gone for nine years, and it feels like I haven’t seen her or heard her voice in forever. How I’d love to sit down with her to talk a while, laugh, and sing together just one more time,” the country legend wrote in her blog.

Truly, the pain of a mother losing her child never ends. Our prayers are with Loretta Lynn and the rest of her family.


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