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“Reba”: 3rd No. 1 & 13th Studio Album of Reba McEntire

"Reba": 3rd No. 1 & 13th Studio Album of Reba McEntire 1
Reba Album cover. Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Gone were the days when the honky tonk sound dominated the country music scene. In the late 1980’s, stable steel guitars and fiddles incorporated in country music started to fall out of fashion only to be replaced by a highly produced and orchestrated Bakersfield-like sound. An example of this is American country sing and Oklahoman native Reba McEntire‘s music.  Her self-titled album, Reba, appeals to this kind of sound.

“Reba”: 3rd no. 1 & 13th Studio Album

Released on April 18, 1988, Reba is McEntire’s thirteenth studio album. American record producer and former rockabilly singer Jimmy Bowen co-produced the album with Reba herself and released it under the MCA label. In total, there are ten tracks included of which some are covers from other music genres. The most notable remakes include the old jazz “Sunday Kind of Love” popularized by Ella Fitzgerald and the powerful signature song of Aretha FranklinRespect“.

While McEntire was gaining prominence in the 80’s, her albums drew her even more market. Reba is her third no. 1 country music album. In addition, most of its tracks were chart-toppers. In fact, two of them, “I Know How He Feels” and “New Fool at an Old Game“, peaked at no. 1 on the Billboard Country Singles charts.

The following are the songs included on this no. 1 album in 1988:

1. “So, So, So Long”

2. “Sunday Kind of Love” (A remake of Ella Fitzgerald’s song)

3. “New Fool at an Old Game”


4. “You’re the One I Dream About”


5. “Silly Me”


6. “Respect” (A cover of Aretha Franklin’s song)

7. “Do Right By Me”


8. “I Know How He Feels”

9. “Wish I Were Only Lonely”

10. “Everytime You Touch Her”

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