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Reba McEntire’s Portrays a Tough Woman in Her Single “Turn On The Radio”

Reba McEntire definitely knows how to give us a breakup song that’ll empower every woman. Therefore, if you feel like you can’t make it because of a terrible breakup, just listen to McEntire’s way of dealing with it.

reba mcentire turn on the radio
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Reba McEntire’s Last No. 1 Song on the Chart

“Turn On The Radio” may not be the best of the best by McEntire, but it still showcased her distinct vocals. The song was penned by Mark Oakley, Cherie Oakley, and J. P. Twang in 2010. She included it as one of the tracks in her All the Women I Am album. When the song was released, it reached the top of the country chart. It remained on the top spot for a total of one week. This marked McEntire’s last number one on the country chart.

McEntire’s single enjoyed mixed reviews for her song. Some critics gave her a high rating, while others believe that she can do better.

“Turn On the Radio” Story

When you’ve been cheated on, betrayed, and hurt it’s difficult to forgive a person. Even though they come crawling back into your arms, you won’t be easy to persuade. This is exactly what McEntire’s singing about. The character in her song had been through a tough breakup. And, when her man wanted to fix the relationship, she was firm with her decision not to. He bothers her by texting her and even trying to contact her through social media. That’s why she said, he ain’t gonna hear from her anymore. The only way he can listen to her voice was through the radio.

Well, you can hear me on the radio!
You wanna turn me on, turn on your stereo.
You can sing along, while they’re playin’ my song.
How you done me wrong?

The Songwriting Process

The songwriting process happened when Mark was playing a riff on his guitar. The words and melody of the song just flow smoothly out of the songwriters. Cherie, one of the songwriters, shared to The Boot the excitement she felt when McEntire called to cut the song. She was also asked to play backup vocals for the single.

“Reba actually called and asked me personally if she could cut the song…I felt so honored to find out that she wanted me to sing the background vocals on it as well.”

This was Cherie’s biggest hit she co-wrote.


Reba McEntire

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