October 15

Here’s Reba McEntire’s “All the Women I Am” for All Women

2010 is a year that is definitely far different from 70s or 80s when women’s definition is still being defined. While there’s a lot of work that are still needed to be done, country music has never failed women ever since. The country music has always been an avenue for female country artists to explore the topics about womanhood and give women the proper and appropriate representation that they needed.  Feminism is definitely not an estranged friend of country music. Speaking of being a woman, nothing sings womanhood like Reba McEntire who had delivered numerous songs about women. Here’s one of our favorites, ‘All the Women I am.’


All the Women I Am, Reba McEntire

Reba McEntire’s All the Women I Am is the title track of her 26th studio album. The song follows all the roles that Reba does as a woman in today’s generation. In one of her interviews, McEntire further explained how she shaped the album to fruition:

“I have been all these women in this album icon. I have lectured a boy or two. I have been divorced. I have a child. I have been in love. All these songs – it’s the women – all the hats they wear. And I’ve worn all the hats in this album, so this is all the women I am.

She’s a caretaker. She’s a lover. She’s a mother. She’s a worker and she can triple-task at one time. Finding time for her and not feeling guilty about it is probably the most important thing she can do for herself. I love getting older and maturing. You learn about yourself, to do things for yourself and not to feel guilty. That’s a big step for women. I’ve got the kids, the work, being a wife. When that day off happens, I cherish it. I’ll schedule lunch with my girlfriends. I love to do that. That’s a treat for me.”

The said song was released in 2010 making Reba McEntire more relevant than ever as time passes by.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think:


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