March 28

Reba McEntire, The Queen of Country Music, Turns 64 Today

Reba McEntire, also known as the Queen of Country music, is celebrating her birthday today. And, we are happy about. In honor of her 64th birthday, let’s take a look at her life and how far she had reached to be where she is right now.

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The Younger Days of Reba McEntire

McEntire was born on March 28, 1955. She was lucky enough to be born in a family who paved her way to what she was meant to be. When she was young, she and her siblings formed a group known as the Singing McEntires. They were guided by their mother whose dream was to become a country singer but, she ended becoming a school teacher. However, she was also the reason why Reba knows how to harmonize and sing.

The first song they recorded was “The Ballad of John McEntire.” That was her first exposure to recording a song. When she went to college, she was set on becoming an elementary teacher, and she actually finished it. In between her studies, she still pursues singing. It was during her performance of the national anthem that she was discovered.

The Beginning of Singing Career

The beginning of her career wasn’t that perfect, but eventually, she achieved it in the long run. Since Reba is one of the best selling artists of our time, we can’t feature all of her songs here. Therefore, we’ll take a look at the ones that brought her to fame.

First Recording

Right after college, she signed her first contract under Mercury records. The first song she recorded was “I Don’t Want to Be a One Night Stand.” Her single came from her first eponymous album. It wasn’t a success as it only reached number eighty-eight on the chart. However, this didn’t stop her from releasing more songs. It took a while before she scored her first song on the top ten of the chart, and finally at number one.

First No. 1 on the Chart

It took Reba seven years before she scored a number one on the country chart. “Can’t Even Get the Blues” was a song written by Tom Damphier and Rick Carnes in 1982. The single was a part of Reba’s fifth studio album, Unlimited.

Since her first song on the top of the chart, she began to score more songs on the top ten and the top of the chart.

Her Signature Song, “Fancy”

“Fancy” is one of the songs associated with Reba. It was originally recorded by Bobbie Gentry in 1969. When Reba recorded the song in 1991, she made Gentry’s song reach number eight on the Billboard charts. Despite not reaching number one, this was one of her most popular songs.

Total No. 1 and Albums

She has scored twenty-six number ones on the US country chart. In addition, Reba already released a total of twenty-nine studio albums.

What’s Next for Reba McEntire?

This year, she has an upcoming album known as Stronger Than the Truth. The album will be out on April 5. Reba has already released some songs from her album that you’ll surely love if you’re into pure country music.

We are all counting the days before her album’s out, for now here’s one of the songs from her album.


Reba McEntire

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