April 26

Michael W. Smith Renders an Incredible Performance of “Above All”

Michael W. Smith performed a wonderful hymn for President Bush. “Above All” has an interesting story about how it was written, and why Smith chose the song for his performance.

Michael W. Smith Above All President Bush Randy Travis
Photo Credit: Michael W. Smith/ Chris Rae Orlowski & Stan Dunlap/ TBN

The Story Behind “Above All”

“Above All” is one of the songs that honors and praises God for all He has done for us. Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc penned the song with an interesting story behind it. One day, when Baloche was alone at the church and sitting with his piano, he began to think about God’s greatness. During his deep reflection about God, the words to his song flowed freely out of him. It was during that time he started writing “Above All.” However, Baloche wasn’t satisfied with what he did. Then came Le Blanc.

When Baloche shared about the song to LeBlanc, he became interested in it too. He wrote some parts of the song. As these two amazing songwriters wrote a song about God’s greatness, they couldn’t help but wipe a tear off their eyes.

Crucified laid behind a stone
You lived to die rejected and alone
Like a rose trampled on the ground
You took the fall and thought of me Above all

Michael W. Smith, Randy Travis, and Performance for President Bush

This simple yet inspiring hymn has been covered by many artists such as Randy Travis, Smith, and even the songwriter LeBlanc has his own rendition. “Above All” was performed by Smith during an inaugural prayer service for President Bush. Smith said that before he performed the song, he was looking for a hymn that’s traditional with a touch of contemporary must be in it. It was by accident when he heard of “Above All.” He didn’t know anything about the song, but he was so interested in performing this one.

Smith has not only performed the song for President Bush, he included it on his album Worship. The album sold about two million copies according to RIAA.


Michael W. Smith

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