July 3

Charlie Daniels Raised $150,000 for Veterans

Charlie Daniels raised more than $150,000 for a cause that he is truly passionate about, supporting the veterans.

Charlie Daniels, Charlie, Daniels, The Charlie Daniels Band, Band
via the Charlie Daniels Band’s Official Facebook Page

Charlie Daniels’ Passion and Mission

The Country Music Hall of Fame member had just wrapped up his second annual Veteran Impact Celebration. The proceeds of the event will be going to the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU)’s Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Family Center.

Charlie Daniels, Charlie, Daniels, The Charlie Daniels Band, Band
via the Charlie Daniel’s Band’s Official Facebook Page

The MTSU’s Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Family Center’s goal is to assist the current “military, veterans, and family members move from military to college, then from college to a successful career.”

Daniels was candid about his foundation and raising money for a worthwhile cause in an interview with PopCulture.

“It is a place for veterans to come and for one thing, to just get together and be with like-minded folks that’ve been through the same thing. They’ve been to Afghanistan and been to Iraq and been to whatever the pressures of wars or the pressures of just being in service in general are. There’s job placement, there’s teleconferencing, there is health care available, if they need it.”

charlie daniels veteran
Photo from MTSU’s Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Family Center Official Website

Daniels also discussed the problems involved with veterans. He talked about the government agencies not being all that attentive and comprehensive to the needs of the former soldiers.

“I mean, in so far as, if it ain’t written on the page, they can’t do it. And there’s a lot of gaps that needs to be filled in. People need help that they’re just not getting from [Veterans Affairs], or anybody else for that matter, and we try to help. We’ve done some very mundane things. We’ve bought a guy a bicycle to ride to work one time. We’ve bought furniture. We’ve helped people get medical care. We’ve done all kinds of stuff, just whatever it takes.”

Daniels also expressed his pride to be a part of the Daniels Center, as it allows him to serve the people who are and who were in the military. It’s his way to give back to our heroes.

“We’re an extension of it more so than it being an extension of us because it’s bigger than we are.”


Charlie Daniels

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