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George Jones Declares how Good the Lord is in this Song


Despite the many troubles that surround life, there’s always hope for men, and there’s always goodness in every bad situation. This is what George Jones would like to emphasize through his song “Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good to Me.” Reading the title of the song alone, one can already attest to how compelling the tune is especially to those who find it relevant. For sure, a lot of people out there could relate to it. You are probably one of them. In such a case, you will like this song a lot.

George Jones, Lord You've Been Mighty Good to Me
Photo credit: George Jones/Official Facebook Page

“Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good to Me”

The captivating lyrics to the song were penned by E. Montgomery and recorded by George Jones. His initial recording of the song was released in 1965 and appeared on the album Old Brush Arbors.

The singer was talking to the Lord and trying to narrate all of the predicaments that he faced. But he was not complaining and ranting because, at the end of each line, he says,

“Lord, you’ve been mighty good to me.”

While each stanza specifies the misfortunes that happened to him, we’ve seen the singer expressing his gratitude in the chorus. Additionally, he is stressing out how good and compassionate God is to him. The countless blessings He bestowed upon his family are way greater compared to all his plights put together.

Lord, you’ve been good to me
You’ve let me keep my family
To me you never have been rude
You keep my table filled with food
And I thank you every night and day
But I don’t, enough I should say
Lord, you’ve been mighty good to me

What about you? What stories of Christ’s goodness have you experienced? Did you encounter the same situations like Jones had?

We all have our accounts of this kindness that only our Lord Jesus Christ can show. Merely dying on the cross is already a strong manifestation of His great love. We are all sinners but Jesus never even hesitated to face and endure the consequences of our evil deeds. Indeed, Lord, you’ve been mighty good to all of us.

Listen to Jones’ rendition of the song below.

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