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April 26, 2019


April 26, 2019


April 26, 2019

Let us remember today as we take a look back at George Jones journey as a country music legend and his impact on the music world.

george jones
Taken from George Jones’ official Facebook Page

George Jones’ Last Moment With Nancy Jones

Right before the country legend met the Creator, his wife had the chance to talk to him. Right on his deathbed, Nancy Jones had a sweet moment with George. She told the Tennessean:

“We were standing at the foot of the bed, and George just hadn’t said nothing, and all of a sudden, he opened his eyes, and I was fixin’ to go toward him, and the doctor kind of held me back, and George said, ‘Well, hello there.’ He said, ‘I’ve been looking for you.”

Although Nancy wasn’t George Jones’ first wife, she was his last. And the phrase Save the Best for Last was very applicable in their situation. She served to be the key factor in helping with the alcohol problems of the singer. He only stopped back in 1999.

george jones
via George Jones official Facebook Page

She was doing a Tammy Wynette “Stand by Your Man” move all throughout their marriage. She stood by her man with all the physical and verbal abuse. And, she had this to say about their marriage:

“God put me with him to help him get the devil out of him. God put me there to do a job, and I did it.

Well, thank you, Nancy, for sticking it up for your husband.

George Jones and his Legacy

On April 24, just days before the second anniversary of his passing, a museum honoring George Jones was opened. It includes everything that you expect.

It has a theater showing his iconic performances. The facility also includes a restaurant for hungry museum-goers.  And of course, it would not be a museum without artifacts that best represent him in his marine days and his legendary music days.

Nancy is grateful for this and said:

 “We hope that this will draw George’s friends and fans worldwide to our great city. George and I made this our home, and he would be happy to know that we found a home to continue his legacy in the heart of Music City.”

Know more about his death by watching here:



George Jones



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