Zac Brown Stops Concert To Kick Out Fan


Arden Lambert


September 2, 2022


September 2, 2022


September 2, 2022

The Zac Brown Band demonstrated their unwavering commitment to providing a secure, welcoming environment for concertgoers on Friday, August 26, when they performed in Camden, New Jersey.

The band prepared a three-act show which included some of the well-known Zac Brown songs such as “Toes,” “Homegrown,” and “Chicken Fried,” as well as a number of covers from 90s country to vintage rock. Their set included a total of 19 songs. 

The Zac Brown band was playing their encore song “Chicken Fried” when frontman Zac Brown called a halt to the performance to address some disruptive behavior from a rowdy concertgoer. 

Social media users were able to record the exchange and posted it as a fan-captured video, where Brown was seen calling out to the fan over the mic saying, “Security, come here. This guy in the black shirt, I want him gone, right now.

Brown continued to express his dismay towards the rowdy fan, stating that the fan’s behavior, which involved yelling in front of a young girl and another woman, was just unacceptable. 

Brown was visibly upset by the alleged fan’s behavior and did not resume singing until the fan was led out of the arena.

Prior to the incident, Brown made a threat to eject fans out of the venue for being disruptive during the concert. He called out a couple of rowdy fans earlier in the performance and requested security to keep an eye on them so things would not get out of hand.

You can watch the said video of Zac Brown kicking out the fan during their performance of “Chicken Fried” below. 


Zac Brown



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