April 11

Josh Turner Singing One of his Sexy Hits, “Your Man”


Have you ever experienced a moment when your woman is cranky? Or, when they are irritated by simple things? Maybe, you are not treating your woman right. Anyway, sometimes they need to feel that they are sexy and beautiful. Even though they don’t have the body of Dolly Parton. That’s a normal nature for women. They need to feel valued by their men. To better understand how to treat your woman, listen to the hit of Josh Turner “Your Man.”

Josh Turner, your man
Photo Credits: Josh Turner/Official Facebook Home Page

Josh Turner: The Handsome Country Singer

He started his career in 2001 when he debuted in the Grand Ole Opry with his hit “Long Black Train.” That was a big breakthrough for Josh Turner because he became successful ever since. In 2003, he released his album entitled Long Black Train and it was a commercial success. Moreover, due to the success of his hits, he received numerous awards and recognition. Turners’ music was loved by a lot of people because he kept the traditional country vibe.

Josh Turner, Your man
Photo Credits: Josh Turner/Official Facebook Home Page

After his breakthrough, Josh Turner released numerous hits that stayed on the chart. In addition, his single Long Black Train was one of the notable hits because it stayed on the Billboard Country Charts forty weeks. His popular hits include “Would You Go with Me,” “All Over,” and “Time is Love.”

How to Treat Your Woman

“Your Man” was a sensational hit recorded by the American country singer Josh Turner. This hit was released in 2001, and it became his fourth single to stay in the number one spot at the U.S. Charts. Further, due to the hits popularity, it sold more than one million copies in the U.S. The hits talks about treating your wife like a woman and making her feel sexy and beautiful at the same time. Some critics mentioned that the hit is one of the sexiest songs they’ve heard due to Turners low notes that is pleasant to the ear.


Josh Turner, Would You Go With Me, your man

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