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Jon Pardi Songs Are Forging A Different Era of Traditional Country Music

Jon Pardi Songs

All through the glory days of bro-country in the 2010s, Jon Pardi songs were solid enough to carry the torch for the hardcore country – firmly remaining within the genre’s mainstream.

Born in California, Pardi discovered his love for country music at an early age. Eventually, he started drawing his attention to the hardcore singer by the likes of George Strait and George Jones. In 2008, he finally headed to Nashville, hoping he’d break into the country music business – and he did! 

Let’s take a look at Jon Pardi‘s greatest hits so far.

1. “Heartache on the Dance Floor”

From: California Sunrise (2016)

Pardi’s second No. 1 hit on the country chart, the love-at-first-sight ballad, tells the tale of a man who fell in love with a gorgeous auburn-haired girl at first sight. Though he can’t get her out of his mind, his best attempts were fruitless – but what’s even sadder was that he hasn’t been able to run into her again.

2. “Heartache Medication”

From: Heartache Medication (2019)

With all of the promises that alcohol offers, it is no surprise why a lot has turned to drinking after a breakup, and “Heartache Medication” is one proof of that. The country ballad is a surprisingly encouraging point of view of getting over heartbreak, where the man washes his pain and sorrow with some alcohol to feel much better.

3. “What I Can’t Put Down”

From: Write You a Song (2014)

Pardi shared what he knows about getting addicted to cigarettes, playing music, and the touch of a beautiful woman in “What I Can’t Put Down,” – which he wrote with his producer Bart Butler and songwriter Brice Long.

4. “Head Over Boots”

From: California Sunrise (2016)

Pardi earned his first No. 1 hit with “Head Over Boots,” the lead single from his second album, California Sunrise. Written by Pardi and songwriter-producer Luke Laird, the song was inspired by watching young and old couples dancing in a Texas dance hall that Pardi also wanted to pen a tune that people could dance to.

5. “Dirt on My Boots”

From: California Sunrise (2016)

The toe-tapping track focuses on farm life and having a blast when the workday is finally over – and it resonated with country folks a lot. He performed “Dirt on My Boots” during the 2017 Country Music Association Awards, where the song was also nominated for Single of the Year and Song of the Year.

6. “Ain’t Always the Cowboy”

From: Heartache Medication (2019)

While it’s usually the cowboy who rides off into the sunset, the disheartening ballad reverses the script, wherein it’s now the desperately free-spirited girl who’s no longer sticking around and even breaking his heart. Pardi describes the country ballad as “a leaving song, but a happy leaving song.”

7. “Night Shift”

From: California Sunrise (2016)

According to Pardi, this is a “working man’s love song.” It tells the tale of a man who worked on the night shift, racking up the overtime hours. He only gets through by anticipating the nights he will be spending with the woman he loves.

8. “Up All Night”

From: Write You a Song (2014)

Pardi first appeared on Billboard Hot 100 with “Up All Night,” peaking at No. 56. The romantic summer song finds Pardi singing about taking his girl in his truck down a dirt road. 

The accompanying music video for the song brings in Pardi’s friends and his dog “Cowboy” – while staying true to its storyline.

9. “She Ain’t in It”

From: California Sunrise (2016)

Pardi admitted that the first time he heard the song – telling the story of a brokenhearted man – he listened to it over and over again. He knew he had to record it. After all, “She Ain’t in It” is pure country.

10. “Missin’ You Crazy”

From: Write You a Song (2014)

“Missin’ You Crazy” was Pardi’s first entry to the country music scene, which was released as the first single off his debut album. While it only peaked at No. 29 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, its lyrics about missing someone special while you’re out working on the road left a mark on everyone’s hearts.

11. “Tequila Little Time”

From: Heartache Medication (2019)

Pardi wrote the song with Rhett Akins and Luke Laird, and it tells the story of a man in a bar whose attention was caught by a tearful girl. He offered her a shot along with a cheesy pick-up line of “I want tequila little time with you.”

12. “Call Me Country”

From: Heartache Medication (2019)

Pardi pays tribute to his country music heroes – by the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard – who ruled the country scene during the ’60s and ’70s in “Call me Country.”

13. “Me And Jack”

From: Heartache Medication (2019)

Pardi gave a glimpse of his friendship with the famous Tennessee whiskey, Jack Daniels – as well as how it led him to a series of poor decisions.

14. “Don’t Blame It On Whiskey”

From: Heartache Medication (2019)

This song is definitely star-studded! In addition to being written by Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, Luke Laird, and Michael Heeney, it features the vocals of Lauren Alaina – which makes the song even more compelling.

15. “Old Hat”

From: Heartache Medication (2019)

Pardi shows he’s an old soul in “Old Hat,” which has him thinking why some traditions – like sealing a deal with a handshake – became obsolete.

More Jon Pardi Songs As He Makes His Own Brand of Country Music

Truly, Pardi was successful enough in making his own brand of fiddle-and-steel drenched country music that proudly shows off influences of Allan Jackson, George Strait, among others. Check out more of his songs below.

  • “Beer Can’t Fix”
  • “When I’ve Been Drinkin'”
  • “Getting Over Him”
  • “Out of Style”
  • “She Ain’t In It”
  • “Starlight”
  • “Write You a Song” 
  • “Nobody Leaves a Girl Like That”
  • “Buy That Man a Beer”
  • “Just Like Old Times”

So, did you enjoy this list of Jon Pardi songs?