October 26

The Working Man’s Love Song, “Night Shift” by Jon Pardi

On October 11, Jon Pardi’s new music video for his single “Night Shift” premiered on ESPN. The audience at the Texas Tech Red Raiders and Texas Christian University Horned Frogs game were the first to watch it.

In the video that Jim Wright directed, Pardi performed the role of a trucker preparing to unwind after a week of hard work. At the opening, the singer is seen driving a semi-truck to downtown Nashville. He went on to rock out on his truck’s flatbed as the Lower Broadway night lights flash behind him. On the opening stanza, Pardi croons of a hard week that he’s able to get through only with the thought of being with his lover at night.

It’s been a wreck me week
Sixty plus from dawn to dusk
In the red dirt heat
Busting it up for a couple of bucks
But it ain’t no thing
Just another day till I’m on my way


“Night Shift:” The Working Man’s Love Song

Released as the fifth single from Jon Pardi’s sophomore album California Sunrise is “Night Shift.” The Californian-native described the tune as “the working man’s love song.” Its subject matter recalls Pardi’s 2016 single “Dirt on My Boots.”  However, “Night Shift” exudes more steaminess and hotness regarding the lyrics.

“It’s just a fun idea of taking like a work term and making a love story out of it. And I loved the beat – ‘It’s been a wreck me week.’ It’s just a really strong – when you start singing you can just feel it.”

Written by Tofer Brown, Phillip LaRue, and Billy Montana, the song is a follow up to the traditional country heartbreaker “She Ain’t in It.” Given the singer’s unique vocals coupled with an upbeat tempo and an ambitious production, it’s not impossible that the song would become a radio hit. Likewise, Pardi would most probably take “Night Shift” as a staple in his succeeding live shows. Jon Pardi won last year’s CMA Awards New Artist of the Year title.

Watch the music video for Jon Pardi’s “Night Shift” below.


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