February 18

Joey and Rory Brings Us Back to A Beautiful Memory in “Suppertime”

Suppertime is when our mom calls us but, we often refuse to set aside what we are doing and follow her. We usually ask for a little more time to play outside with our friends or to finish whatever we are doing. But when we don’t do what she says, we get punished by it. Those are the childhood memories we hold that we sometimes wish to go back to just to hear the old familiar voice of our mother calling us, as we walk down the path we used to know.

“Suppertime” Versions

This thought is written into a beautiful song known as “Suppertime” by Ira F. Stanphill. This hymn has been covered by different artists such as Jimmie Davis, Johnny Cash, Jim Reeves, Faron Young, and Joey + Rory.

Joey and Rory’s Recording

The “Suppertime” version we are going to hear today is the one recorded by the beautiful couple Joey and Rory. In 2016, Joey and Rory released their last album Hymns That Are Important to Us. Their album is made of twelve gospel songs that hold dearest to their heart. The couple added a bonus track, Joey’s recording of “When I’m Gone.” In 2017, their album won the Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album.

joey and rory feek suppertime gospel song
Photo Credit: Joey and Rory Feek/ billboard.com

In the list of songs they have included, Joey and Rory recorded the gospel song “Suppertime.” This, therefore, means that this song has something special in it, as it became part of their album.

All About the Song

“Suppertime” gives us a picture of the narrator’s childhood when his mother used to call him when it’s time to eat. He remembers those bittersweet memories of his childhood days, and sometimes long for the sweet voice of his mother. However, as the song hits the third stanza, the narrator finally reveals that he hears his mother’s voice calling his name, and has prepared him a place in heaven.

In visions now I see her standin’ yonder
her familiar voice I hear once more
She said the banquet table’s ready up in Heaven
Its suppertime upon the golden shore

Mother As God

When you read in between the lines, we can see that the mother in the song can be associated with God. It’s when God calls us when the right time comes, and he has prepared a beautiful place for us in heaven. There, he waits for us. Therefore, we should respond to His call.

Come and reflect in this beautiful song about the calling of God.


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