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Big & Rich Sings a Wonderful Version of “That’s Why I Pray”

Big & Rich: “That’s Why I Pray”

Big & Rich That's Why I Pray
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“That’s Why I Pray” was recorded by Big & Rich. The song was released in June 2012. It was written by American songwriters Danelle Leverett, Blair Daley, and Sarah Buxton. Moreover, the song was produced by an American songwriter and record producer, Dann Huff.

 Furthermore, upon its release, the song entered the country music charts and debuted at number 24 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs.

Song Theme

“That’s Why I Pray,” from its title, gives us an idea about how prayer works. According to the narrators, the song addresses the social problems which are the reasons why should we pray harder. It talks about how prayers change everything.

Have you experienced being faced in a world full of negativity? If yes, then let me tell you a story.

These past few days, I felt like I have been carrying a heavy bag on my back. Plus, I was faced with disappointments, negativity, and misunderstandings. I considered giving up as a solution to my problem.

But do you have an idea what comes next? Instead of giving up and pulling myself down, I prayed to God asking him to enlighten my thoughts. As a result, he has not disappointed me. Instead, as I bent my knees and bowed down on him, he eventually turned my worries into great blessings. I learned that those were the only reasons for me to strive harder. Indeed, there is no perfect life on earth. It is a matter of choice of how we live your life.

Every single word of the song will really strike our heart. Honestly, this stanza shows how our problems are solved by prayer. As we go deeper in praying and allowing God to enter our lives, there is a bigger chance to let God win the battle with us rather than letting the evil succeed.

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