July 25, 2018

Little Jimmy Dickens Reminds Us about the Importance of Praying

Little Jimmy Dickens Brother Do You Take Time To Pray

Why do we need to pray? Do you have any idea why it is important to pray to God? Some people pray because they need God to guide them, while others pray because they need something from God. Other people pray because they know that it is one way to build a relationship with God. Furthermore, people pray to thank God for all the blessings while others ask for forgiveness. There are a lot of reasons why people pray. However, the Bible says that God already knows what we want before asking for it. Therefore, what shall our prayers contain then?

“Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” –Matthew 6:8

What Should Our Prayers Be?

It is said in the Bible, that when we pray we should pray in a way like we are communicating with God. In addition, we should praise God about everything. The Bible tells us that when we pray, we shouldn’t pray in “vain repetition.” Vain repetition means repeating words or phrases that are worthless or useless. Prayers like this will not be effective it will only make you like the pagans in the Bible. When you pray, make it personal, address it to Jesus, and always stay humble as you talk to God.

“And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.” –Matthew 6:7

“Brother Do You Take Time To Pray”

Little Jimmy Dickens, a country singer, recorded the song “Brother Do You Take Time To Pray.” Dickens recorded the song in 1954 under the Columbia records. Truman A. Keeney, Rusty Harp, and Jimmy Dickens wrote the song. It was only released as a single.

About the Song

Jimmy Dickens reminds us that praying will help us. Instead of complaining about our work, or worrying about seeing the people we love when they are gone, Dickens’ tells us to pray. Jimmy Dickens’ also reminds us that there will be a judgment day and God will remember if we prayed to Him or not. We are caught up with all the pleasures of the world that we forget to talk to God. Our life here on earth is short so we need to build a relationship with God while we can. Therefore, brothers and sister do not forget to pray.

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