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“I Need Thee Every Hour:” A Simply Beautiful Hymn by Joey + Rory

Joey + Rory’s “I Need Thee Every Hour”

Joey + Rorry
Photo Credit: Joey + Rory / youtube.com by Screengrab

I Need Thee Every Hour” is an old gospel song that was recorded by  Joey + Rory.

The hymn was originally written by Annie Hawks. At an early age, Hawks regularly wrote poems for the local newspapers. She had created 400 hymns, and some of which are still recorded by different artists today. One song, in particular, is “I Need Thee Every Hour.”

The Song’s Theme

Joey + Rory i need thee every hour
Photo Credit: Joey + Rory/ youtube.com by Screengrab

“I Need Thee Every Hour” is a hymn that reflected the lives of people in the 19th century. This hymn also showed the testimony of the narrator’s devotion to God. She stated that this hymn came from a place of love and joy. The lyrics of the song reminds us why we need God in our life.

But, why do we need Him?

It is simply because God is our salvation. He is a powerful living God that saves us from our sins. He made us His children, so it is our obligation to follow His will. We may sometimes commit mistakes, but God still accepts and loves us. His love is made for all of us, despite our flaws.

Living your life to the fullest is good, but living your life with God is wonderful.  If we live a life where God is in the center, then we will never be alone. Hardships and disappointments may come into our lives, but giving up will not be the answer to our problems. Instead, let us surrender everything to Him and we’ll feel better. If we know that we have God by our side, you don’t have to worry anymore.

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