October 17

“I’d Rather Have Jesus:” A Hymn of Dedication and Commitment

The world is blessed with many riches, and the way of life continuously improves with the passage of time. Thanks to the natural resources and human’s intellectual gifts, many things are made possible nowadays. We may have all of the things that this world and men could provide. But, such does not necessarily guarantee our complete happiness. There comes a time when even if we’re surrounded by the things that this world offers, we still feel empty. The truth is, only Jesus can satisfy the emptiness in our souls. With that said, let’s allow ourselves to be brought closer to Him through the beautiful hymn “I’d Rather Have Jesus.”

The Hymn of Dedication and Commitment

“I’d Rather Have Jesus” is a song that embodies both dedication and commitment. From the very moment you accepted Christ in your life, you surrendered everything to His care. That means you’re leaving behind all that you’ve acquired from the world and allowing Him to be in control. Doing so brings you to a state of desiring Christ more than anything else in this world.

It’s also about commitment. Once you decided to follow Jesus, your commitment to stick with Him should be there. It’s no turning back, and it marks the beginning of your spiritual abundance. Allowing Him to reign in your life gives you a sense of fulfillment and serenity.

Brief Song Background

Rhea F. Miller wrote the lyrics of the song “I’d Rather Have Jesus” in 1922. Subsequently, George Beverly Shea found the words by his piano and composed accompanying music. George’s mother left the lyrics by his piano in the hope that it will change his way of life. George’s mother firmly believes that when her son found the lyrics of the song, he’ll discover enlightenment and would be redirected to the Lord. Her belief didn’t fail her. George did not only put music to the lyrics, but he also let it brought him straight to Jesus.

The lyrics of the song inspired George a lot. When his mother heard him singing it to the tune that’s well-fitting, she asked her son to perform it at the church. Eventually, George’s life changed. In his later years, he decided to work with evangelist Billy Graham and went to sing this hymn around the world.

Listen to The Crabb Family’s rendition of “I’d Rather Have Jesus” below.


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