November 19

Hoyt Axton is Goin’ Back to the Real Gospel Country Music

What is the true meaning of religion? It has been a question that has sparked debates for centuries. In general, religion is composed of a group of people sharing one belief and purpose in life. Others perceive it as searching for one’s self and the true meaning of life. Anyhow, I hope that Hoyt Axton can help you this dilemma.

The Greenback Dollar Singer

Hoyt Axton was introduced in the country music industry in 1960.  He, as a folk singer, created his signature with a twist of an earthy style and powerful voice. As a songwriter with full of passion, he released songs that became widely known. Songs that include “No No Song,” “Joy to the World,” “The Pusher,” and many more.

The genius man was raised in a humble home. His mother was a songwriter and his father, a naval officer. Take note, Axton’s mom wrote some of the hits of The King “Elvis Presley.”  Thus, we now know who played a significant role in influencing Hoyt Axton in pursuing his music career. Also, after he got released from service, he started to build his name in the music spotlight. 1960 was the mark of Axton’s career when a collection of his first folk songs was released. It’s just amazing that he was able to leave a legacy for us to recollect.

Good Religion, Like It Used To Be

“Old-Time Religion” was first released in 1873 and it is considered as a traditional gospel song. Even more, it became the basis of a standard Protestant hymnal, due to their conservative lyrics. Also, the hymn was influenced by the black spiritual and European-American style known today as Southern gospel. Thus, Hoyt Axton added a little twist to it when he revived the song.

The version of Hoyt Axton was the most diverse of all, incorporating country and Southern gospel style. Although the song does not talk about God, it has that uplifting vibe. In closing, religion is based on faith alone, plus it cannot be challenged by any rational procedures.


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