January 31

Ray Stevens Knocks Greedy Televangelist with His Song “Would Jesus Wear a Rolex”

Written by Margaret Archer and Chet Atkins, the song was part of Stevens’ album Crakin’ Up! Throughout his career, Ray Stevens has made a name for himself as the Comedy King of Music City, so most of his works have a touch of comical tune and meaning. 

Some of his parody hits are “Gitarzan” and “Help Me Make it Through the Night.” However, “Would Jesus Wear a Rolex” did not only capture Stevens fans’ attention but also protestants who are against greedy televangelists.

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When numerous scandals regarding televangelists started popping out, Stevens opened his eyes to scrutiny and eventually decided to create his comical masterpiece. It immediately climbed up the charts upon its release, landing at no. 41 on the “US Hot Country Songs” chart and no. 45 on the “Canadian Country chart.”

So, what makes this song such a hit aside from its comical tune? Let’s dive into the song’s comedic lyrics and expose the ugly truth of Televangelists. 

Meaning Behind the Song

The Grammy Winner was known for comedic songs that spread positivity with everyone – he became a beacon that would shed light on the controversies revolving around Televangelists in 1987. 

“Would Jesus Wear a Rolex” talks about some televangelists who call themselves servants of God, only for people to find out they are ripping off money from devoted Christians to buy expensive cars and live a luxurious life. 

The line “Would Jesus Wear a Rolex” asks everyone if they think God would do the things these Televangelists are doing. 

Although religion is a sensitive topic to everyone, Ray Stevens nonetheless decided to release the song to ensure that he exposed the ugly truth behind the controversies circulating at that time. 

So, if you want to listen to Ray Stevens’ “Would Jesus Wear a Rolex,” you can watch the video below.


Ray Stevens

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