October 21

Hoyt Axton and His Contribution to the Gospel Country Music: “Old Time Religion”

In June 1971, Hoyt Axton released his rendition of “Old Time Religion” in his album named Joy to the World.

Hoyt Axton established his name in the early 1960s as a folk singer and songwriter with his unique style and good-sounding voice. He recorded and introduced many widely-known pieces, such as “Joy to the World” and “The Pusher.” His mom, also a songwriter who penned some of the greatest hits of Elvis Presley, played a significant role in Axton’s love for music.

The Song “Old Time Religion” was originally released in 1873 and is regarded as a classic gospel song and was published and included as a jubilee song. But Hoyt Axton brought back this song and popularized it even more in much wider audiences with his own cover of this gospel melody.

By merging the country and southern gospel styles, he managed to reinvent this classic piece and give it a more uplifting and inspiring vibe than ever before. This song proves to us that Hoyt Axton is a genius in making and reinventing inspirational country songs.

Country Inspirational Songs and Religion

Axton is a known religious person, especially after overcoming some dark mistakes in his lifetime. And that is evident in the various pieces he makes. Songs that give inspiration to its listeners and lyrics that convey a message of reality. And just like his other songs, the “Old Time Religion” will surely bring motivating melodies we think you need to complete your day.

Being content with what you have and finding inspiration in little good things in your life is necessary to keep you happy and motivated the whole day. And we hope that the song “Old Time Religion” by Hoyt Axton can give you a boost of inspiration. Click the video below, and we hope that you can enjoy your day.


Hoyt Axton

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