September 26

Jive to ‘Country and Ya Know It’ by Granger Smith feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.

You probably have already heard of Granger Smith’s alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., Together, they sang the Country version of the classic ‘If Your Happy and You Know it’ and out of it comes the ‘Country and Ya Know it.’ But before we get to the song, first watch Earl Dibbles Jr.’s interview with Granger Smith about the things to expect in their latest album, “Country Things Vol. 1”

Not for Your Kids

The hooky Cajun music at the beginning is your first clue that ‘Country and Ya Know It’ isn’t the kind of nursery rhymes for your children. It’s a nursery rhyme for adults that suggests ways on how to be happy in the country like taking pride in the beer you are drinking, big news there as booze is a no go beverage for your children to be chugging at.

Everything seemed like the usual Granger Smith singing until he lets his alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., slipped on the song’s bridge. His sudden change of personality also changed the mood of the song, going from chill nursery rhymes to hardcore! Here’s when ‘Country and Ya Know It’ will make you realize that there lies in each one of us a country spirit that is waiting to let loose.

Priorities! Priorities!

‘Country and Ya Know It’ is one of the eight tracks that is included in ‘Country Thing’s Vol. 1,’ a recently released album by Granger Smith on September 25. But the story behind this album isn’t all about rainbows and sunshine as this project was postponed for nearly one year when he and his wife Amber knew lost their three-year-old River after drowning in the family pool in 2019. The accident was tragic for their family which resulted in the postponement of the project as the aftermath of the mishap.

Smith shares how his life became quite different compared to his past, and how his hard work resulted in a better lifestyle. It was the reason why he chose to write the album as it focuses on things that money, politics, nor status cannot buy.

What he now prioritizes in his life are the things he actually wanted to live for; his family and his passion. Through his songs, he shows how he wanted to raise his kids in such a cool manner being a firsthand example of a life filled with joy. And all those mentioned in “Country and Ya Know It,” well, excluding the beer, are part of the Country life he’s currently living.


Earl Dibbles Jr., Granger Smith

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