November 27

Brad Paisley Honored George Strait with “Bucked Off” Single


It’s been over a year since we heard Brad Paisley’s last records. That makes every fan of the singer looks forward to his next song. Finally, this month, the wait was over for Paisley’s supporters as the “We Danced” singer released a new single called “Bucked Off.” To note, the song is not just an ordinary reminiscence of the ‘80s and ‘90s country music. The fact that Paisley’s record honors The King of Country George Strait sets it apart from the rest of the singer’s music. That makes it even more exciting and worth listening to.

A candid shot of the "Bucked Off" singer Brad Paisley
Photo credit: Brad Paisley’s Official Website

The Turbo Honky-Tonk: “Bucked Off”

To surprise his fans and to prove that his next music is worth the long wait, the 42-year-old Virginia native co-wrote his latest song. Considering it as a big comeback to the recording scene, Paisley enlisted the help of two of the most prolific songwriters, Chris DuBois, and Kelly Lovelace.

“Bucked Off” is yet another country heart-breaker. But it isn’t all about losing a lover and enduring the pain that comes along with it. More importantly, the honky-tonker is about the narrator trying to get back up after love knocked him down. Also, the song employs some rodeo analogies.

“It feels like there’s a number pinned onto the back of my shirt,” the country star croons. “This is where the cowboy gets bucked off.”

Throughout the track, Paisley made references to some of George Strait’s greatest hits. These include “The Cowboy Rides Away,” “I Can Still Make Cheyenne,” “Marina Del Ray,” and “Amarillo By Morning.”

“Bucked Off” was released to radio last Tuesday. Prior to this, Paisley debuted the song during a performance at the 2018 CMA Awards night held last November 14. As the singer was also the show’s host, together with Carrie Underwood, he took a break from his hosting duties for a while to introduce his new record to the audience.

Listen to Paisley’s recording of his new single “Bucked Off” below.


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