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Randy Travis’ Classic Hit “On the Other Hand,” Talks about Fidelity in Marriage

Penned by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz, this song became the singer’s first No. 1 song on the country chart. This is the lead-off single of Randy Travis for his album “Storms of Life” that was released back in 1986.

randy travis
Taken from Randy Travis’ official Facebook page.

A Talk About Marriage

Paul Overstreet admitted in an interview with Country Weekly:

“I personally was tired of that whole scenario of going from one relationship to another, and not having the strength to really say no in tempting situations. I was hoping we could write a song that would say we had the strength to say no.”

Overstreet and Schlitz did not understand the whole idea of having an affair when you are in a committed relationship. Back then, they have witnessed the people around them committing adultery. And so, they need to voice out their concern and write a song about it.

In the making of a song, the two writers bantered a lot. And that is how they came up with the title of the song. Don said, “On the Other Hand” while Overstreet replied, “there’s a golden band” referring to the ring as a symbol of marriage.

Travis’ Early Struggles

Did you know that back then, Travis was rejected by major labels in Nashville? His early demo tapes were said to be “too country?” Like that is a problem.

Randy, at first took it a sign that he should not pursue his music career. He loved country so much that he would not change his style for record labels to accept him. And so, he worked as a Cook in a nightclub. He was then given the chance to also perform in the said nightclub as a singer.

randy travis
Screen grab from Youtube

His wife also worked there as a night manager. They then recorded an independent album “Live at the Nashville Palace.” Though they did not come out as a couple because it was part of their signed contract.

The song “On the Other Hand” was welcomed with a luke-warm embrace. It only peaked 67 on the country charts. But, with the help of Warner Bros., the re-released version of the song became Travis’ no. 1 hit song of his career.

What a bounce back from the country music legend.


Randy Travis

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