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“Welcome to the Future:” A Good Change In Brad Paisley’s Song

Brad Paisley shows us the difference between the past and the future in his single “Welcome to the Future.” It’s a mixture of fun childhood memories and a different future. This single of his was inspired after he heard that Barack Obama won as the President. He wanted people to have a touch of the past as they welcome the future into the present time.

Brad paisley Welcome to the future American Saturday Night
Photo Credit: Brad Paisley/ Grammy

Dissecting the song “Welcome to the Future”

Paisley said to Entertainment Weekly that this was his favorite track on his album American Saturday Night. In here, he wrote the life of his grandfather and his childhood. The first verse of the song is a throwback in Paisley’s childhood days when he plays Pac-man and watches TV the whole day.

The second verse tells the story of his grandfather when he was serving during World War II. How he lived and what he would think when he found out that his grandson is now having a call with the Japanese.

‘Cause I was on a video chat this morning
With a company in Tokyo

On the third verse, Paisley mentioned his friend in high school who was treated badly because he’s black.

As you can see, there are good changes that happened. Some of them are the inter-racial relationship that exists now, how we come to accept one another, and that we are against racism. Other changes seen is the advancement of technology too.

Chart Performance of Brad Paisley’s Single

The song was written by Paisley and Chris DuBois. It was one of the tracks from his album American Saturday Night. When “Welcome to the Future” was released as a single, it climbed the country chart and landed at number two. In addition, Paisley’s song scored a spot on the pop chart.

Paisley embraced the future and portrayed it in a good way. He wanted us to know that change doesn’t have to be scary all the time.


Brad Paisley

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